Are you bored in your current job? Nothing interests you and you are no longer fulfilled?

Here are 5 Reasons That Shows It’s Time to Resign

You think about it more and more often, but it’s hard to take the plunge. It is not always easy to get out of your comfort zone and decide to resign.

However, there are signs that do not deceive: you do not bloom over your work and it is high time to change your job … and it’s urgent!

1.   You do not want to go to work anymore

You do not want to get up in the morning? You have what is called the ‘phobia Monday’ (stress appearing on Sunday evening)

This is the first sign that it is time to change. If you are already thinking about your weekend on Monday morning, it may mean that your work does not bring you the satisfaction and enthusiasm of the beginning.

Whether it comes from constant stress in your workplace, or growing boredom at your post, this situation can not continue and it could end up in burn-out. We spend most of our lives at work, so do it with a smile!

2.   You are no longer motivated in your work and you do not learn anything

Routine is one of the enemies of active life. The monotony can quickly settle and if no motivating challenge is presented to you, it may be time to go elsewhere.

The IT field is very changeable and full of opportunities, so do not hesitate to inquire, an incredible challenge awaits you! If you are conscientious and applied in your work but there comes a time when you have no qualms about counting the hours, to botch the tasks entrusted to you, then it is time to set sail for new project more rewarding!

3.   There is no prospect of internal evolution

To succeed professionally, it is necessary to be able to evolve within a company and thus to be offered new responsibilities and new missions to be able to develop its competences. Now, none of this has been proposed to you for a long time … Worse, your salary has been stagnant for some time, and nothing seems to indicate that things will change. Why stay frozen in the same place when you could move elsewhere?

4.   You receive calls from the head-hunters or recruitment agencies

If recruiters contact you, do not ignore these requests. This can be a great opportunity to bring some fresh air into your professional life, with new challenges and perhaps even better working conditions. Resignation is obviously not a decision to be taken lightly.

You have to evaluate the signs, the positive as well as the negative points of your current position. Changing a business is an important step, but this change will contribute to your well-being and it is not to be neglected. Think about it!

5.   You are not recognized at your true value

It is totally frustrating to give yourself 100% in your work and that it is not recognized. Lack of recognition is a recurring problem in Canada and can be a reason for resignation.

It is crucial to find an employer who will appreciate your value and reward your work. You have potential and talent and it’s time for someone to realize it!